Friday, December 19, 2008

I need a recipe...

The recipe I need is not one for chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies cut into stars and santas, or even fruitcake! The recipe I need is one to snap out of my Grinch funk!! I don't know what it is this year because it could be so many it the crummy economy? The fact that I am working right up until Christmas day practically? The lack of time in general? Not having my kids home to share the holiday with? I really don't know...but whatever it is it is wrecking my holiday season!!!!!!
I am usually someone that absolutely LOVES the holidays! I love Thanksgiving and all its trimmings, I love putting up the tree and the lights, I love having cookies baking and candles burning, I love giving and getting gifts. But Christmas is less than a week away and I could CARE LESS!! What is wrong with me!!!!????!!!!! I feel like such a freaking GRINCH!!! I haven't even gotten a tree yet...
So I have been listening to Christmas music for the past two days, I've eaten some holiday goodies, the deer and Santa are out front on the lawn, we should be getting our tree tonight...I just need to figure out what the other missing ingredients to the recipe are because I'm trying really hard to not be such a grinch. (okay - this is I am typing this and listening to holiday music on some internet all Christmas all the time station they are playing "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch"...I am totally not about sending the message loud and clear!!!)
So let me know if you have a couple of missing ingredients for me to add to my recipe...and in the meantime, Merry Freaking Christmas or something like that.

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