Monday, January 12, 2009

I have some stuff on my mind lately so here are a couple random thoughts:

I wish my eyes were cameras and my brain was then downloadable to my computer because I really wish that I could just *blink* and take pictures of all the beautiful things I see on a daily basis. Like yesterday driving with the top down on the car down a street with maples in all the pretty fall colors and here a single solitary leaf floats down twisting and turning in the most perfect shape and colors...amazing!! I just want to be able to watch it again and again...

I think I am addicted to music...or more so to new music. I get such a high when I find a new song or artist that I just absolutely love. But then I find myself wanting more, More, MORE!!! It's not usually enough to find one song or one artist...I want a bunch! LOL It like sends me on a junkie quest or something...I have a hard time not wanting to buy out everything on iTunes and this new Genius thing they have is like a music junkies worst nightmare, or best friend depending on how you look at it!! Based off of what is in my library it tells me other songs I might like which usually sends me off on my junkie quest clicking links frantically trying to find that next is awful!!! ;-) Sometimes I am fulfilled, sometimes I am not...but when I am - it feels SOOOOO good!!

I have been a reading a series of books and I am almost done...which makes me so sad!! I don't want it to end, but at the same time I can't stop myself from finishing it. The series is seven books and these are BIG books...about 700-800 pages each so I have spent a lot of time with these folks; Roland the Gunslinger, Eddie and Susannah, Jake and Oy all on their quest for The Dark Tower. The series is (obviously) The Dark Tower series by Stephen King about a Gunslinger in a land not so different from our own, but so very different at the same time. I should finish it during lunch today and then I just don't know WHAT I am going to read next!!! Any ideas????