Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thought #1: Alright - this is a very silly question but one that keeps popping back up in my head. So here it is:

If I'm supposed to wear a "flesh-colored" bra underneath white shirts so that the bra doesn't stand out, what color bra would someone that is dark-skinned wear? Would they wear a black bra? Because that would still stand out...Hmmmm - one of life's little mysteries.


~ Yes, I do realize that I probably shouldn't let people see into my thoughts because they get pretty scary sometimes! LOL ~

Thought #2: What is up with this fashion of making blouses that make women look like they are trying to conceal a pregnancy!?!? I don't get it...pregnant women don't even wear tops that look like this anymore - what makes the fashion gurus that be decide that regular women want to wear them? Is it that fashion has just accepted that women have belly flab now and they want to wear something that will hide it. I mean I'm all for not having to see muffin tops and whale tails anymore (Thank GOD that fad went away!!!)...but circus tents? What gives people?? I ask this because I put on this blouse this morning that I bought a couple weeks ago and I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it because this morning offered a whole new perspective (I am convinced that the department stores do something with their lighting/dressing room mirrors that magically makes you look better in something than you really do...it's a conspiracy I tell ya! Obama says he is going to stimulate the economy and making women think they look good in something so they buy it will definitely stimulate it!). So I put it on this morning thinking I'm going to look all cute and instead I look like I am about 4 months pregnant and trying to hide it because it is just so A-line. Well, I did fix the problem by throwing on a little black belt and now I look ultra-stylish...but still - what is with this fashion deal anyways? I want blouses that make me look thinner than I really am - not bigger!!!

Thought #3: I've been reading this book by Jennifer Lancaster called "Such a Pretty Fat" and I have to share one of the funniest things ever! It made me laugh to the point of tears...Okay, it's a memoir about her quest to get healthy and lose weight and she is deathly afraid of stepping on the scale to check her weight. So after about 3 times of trying to get on the scale and not being able to she decides she will put on her lycra bike shorts and exercise bra, do her hair and makeup, put on her pearls and take her picture so she can she herself shrink away each picture she takes. So she gets all dolled up, takes the picture and views it on her digital camera thinking "I look fiiiine". So she can't wait to get it downloaded on the computer to really see just how cute she is. She downloads it, brings it up and this is what she says" How the f**k did Jabba the Hut get in the bedroom and why is he wearing my pearls!!!!" LOL!!!!! Hilarious...great book so far!

Thought #4: Apparently I only have two original thoughts and one borrowed from Jen Lancaster...LOL Have a great day people!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Things the Army Teaches You...

I was talking to my Son this morning (thank you - he finally called!!!!) and he gave me a little list of things the Army has taught him that gave me quite the good little laugh. So here they are:

  1. He can now eat absolutely anything with a spoon - including salads
  2. He can sleep anywhere, anytime including in his foot locker
  3. He can sleep and still look like he is working

So there you have it - that's what the US Army has taught him! I couldn't help sharing...

Monday, January 12, 2009

I have some stuff on my mind lately so here are a couple random thoughts:

I wish my eyes were cameras and my brain was then downloadable to my computer because I really wish that I could just *blink* and take pictures of all the beautiful things I see on a daily basis. Like yesterday driving with the top down on the car down a street with maples in all the pretty fall colors and here a single solitary leaf floats down twisting and turning in the most perfect shape and colors...amazing!! I just want to be able to watch it again and again...

I think I am addicted to music...or more so to new music. I get such a high when I find a new song or artist that I just absolutely love. But then I find myself wanting more, More, MORE!!! It's not usually enough to find one song or one artist...I want a bunch! LOL It like sends me on a junkie quest or something...I have a hard time not wanting to buy out everything on iTunes and this new Genius thing they have is like a music junkies worst nightmare, or best friend depending on how you look at it!! Based off of what is in my library it tells me other songs I might like which usually sends me off on my junkie quest clicking links frantically trying to find that next high...it is awful!!! ;-) Sometimes I am fulfilled, sometimes I am not...but when I am - it feels SOOOOO good!!

I have been a reading a series of books and I am almost done...which makes me so sad!! I don't want it to end, but at the same time I can't stop myself from finishing it. The series is seven books and these are BIG books...about 700-800 pages each so I have spent a lot of time with these folks; Roland the Gunslinger, Eddie and Susannah, Jake and Oy all on their quest for The Dark Tower. The series is (obviously) The Dark Tower series by Stephen King about a Gunslinger in a land not so different from our own, but so very different at the same time. I should finish it during lunch today and then I just don't know WHAT I am going to read next!!! Any ideas????