Monday, September 29, 2008

Goodbye Mr. Newman...

I'm so deeply saddened by the passing of Paul Newman...what a truly great man and I can only imagine how his family misses him. I don't normally think much about "celebrities" and even have become to consider myself quite jaded actually, but Paul Newman is different. Here is a guy that was not just married to his wife - but faithful to her! Totally and completely dedicated to his family. And on top of all that, he cared about society as a whole. He recognized that he was in a position to help others through his "image" and did just that - giving over $250 million to various charities through his Newmans Own brand, as well as starting camps for kids with serious medical issues. They truly don't make them like that very often - he was an original and all of Hollywood should hold him as a role model.
Mr. Newman - you will be missed but your legend and charity will live on. Here's to a real man - my heart goes out to your wife and three daughters.

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